Our Story


I've always been motivated by beauty. Above all, the most beautiful things in life are happy moments and flowers.

It started with a Mother's Day present - I collected flowers from all over my neighborhood and pressed them with my very first handmade flower press. Fast forward to moving into my first apartment! I used my pressed flowers to fill up empty spaces between polaroids and the frame to decorate my new home. Friends asked me to make some for them and Petal Prints was born!

With the art of flower pressing and the language of flowers, I've been able to help celebrate people's happiest memories - those with passed loved ones, anniversaries, birthdays, baby milestones, holidays, ultrasounds, and many more! 

Decorating your favorite memories with pressed flowers that symbolically represent the stories in your photos is my favorite way to celebrate the most beautiful things in life. 

With Petal Prints, I have made a home for story telling with the language of flowers.

What story do you want to celebrate?