The Process

The process of making each frame takes about an hour. Each delicate flower is pressed and placed near your photo with a lot of love and care.
Pressing the Flowers:
My flowers come from a variety of sources. The majority of them are freshly bought at the Los Angeles Flower Market or local grocery stores! They are then cut and pressed in the flower press. Pressing usually takes 1-2 months.
Printing Your Picture:
I personally print the picture of your choosing into an Instax mini film. As the printing can alter the photo a bit, I try my best to make it look as beautiful as possible! I usually send you a screenshot of how it will look like if I have to crop it.
Choosing Your Flowers:
The colors of the flowers chosen for you are based on the color pallette of your photo. I take the symbolic meanings of those flowers into account as well. If you give me a back story to your photo, it will make it easier for me to choose your beautiful forever flowers!
Making Your Frame:
Once I'm satisfied with the colors and placement of the flowers, I glue everything down. This is done VERY carefully as sometimes the glue can brown thin flowers and I don't want anyone to have compromised flowers! I frame the glass and add a matching chain to the frame you can hang it in your home. And just like that, you can celebrate your favorite memory like it deserves!